Francis A. Fogue Kuate



Francis Arsene FOGUE KUATE holds a PhD degree awarded by the University of Utrecht (The Netherlands). He is Assistant Lecturer at the University of Buea (Cameroon) and member of the Cameroon History Society. Besides, he is Scientific Coordinator of the COREDEC (Community Research and Development Centre) where he contributes to the training of American students of the School for International Training (SIT). His research profile includes among others: Media history, Media and Politics, Media and Religion, Identities, Global-local interactions, and Youth and ICT. His M.A. dissertation was related to the socio-cultural effects of Christian's media in the Adamaoua province (Northern Cameroon). The PhD thesis he defended dealt with the role of Media in the coexistence between Muslims and Christians in Northern Cameroon: from the French colonial period to the beginning of the 21st Century.


-From 27th February to 2nd March 2014: he attended the first congress of Cameroonians historians organized by the University of Maroua, Cameroon. Paper presented: « Les archives radiophoniques au Nord-Cameroun : état des lieux, analyse d’une ségrégation historiographique et perspective d’avenir ».

-From June 20th to June 22nd, 2012 he participated in the International conference co-organized by the Codesria, the African Studies Centre (Leiden) and the Univesrity of California Santa Barbara (USA) on: "Archives of the Post Indepence Africa and its Diaspora". Paper presented: "Enjeux et défis de l'exploitation des archives radiophoniques dans la recherche en sciences sociales au Nord-Cameroun" (Issues and Challenges of Operating Radio Archives in Social Sciences' research in the Northern Cameroon)Goree-Senegal.

-From 4th to 9th January, 2011 he took part in a workshop on New Media Entrepreneurs and Media Landscapes in Sub-Saharan Africa. Workshop organized by Goethe Universitat, Point Sud and DFG, Bamako, Mali.

- Participation in a workshop organized by the Agence universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF-Eastern Europe Branch) on the management of online scientific Writing and publishing, July 26-30 2010, Bucarest, Romania.

-  Participation in the symposium organized by the University Cheikh Anta Diop and the Senegalese Government on the Creation of the United States of Africa, Dakar, Senegal, July 2009.

-From October 10 to October 12, international colloquium organized by LASDEL on the Contribution of Socioanthropology and Political Sciences in the study of African public space, Niamey, Niger.

-  Participation in the International Conference on "New Media and Religious Transformations in Africa", Abuja, Nigeria, July 10-12, 2008: Paper presented entitled: "Evangelization through media in Muslim communities: A case study of Sawtu Linjiila in Northern Cameroon from 1960 to 2003".  

 - From July 29 to July 30, 2008, attendance as invited Junior Scientist, in the Humboldt Kolleg Kamerun conference on "E-Learning, Research-Development in Cameroon: Challenges and Perspectives", Yaounde, Cameroon. 

- Participation as Member of the organization committee of the conference organized by the Research Support Centre-Laboratory of Social Sciences on the theme: "Cameroonian youth faced with poverty and development challenges", Ngaoundere, Cameroon, May 2008.

- Participation in the Second International Conference on "Media art, sciences and technology" organized by Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH in cooperation with Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt, Berlin, Germany, November 15-18, 2007: Poster presented entitled: "The contribution of Technical Centers to the Development of Media Arts in Africa: A case study of the Audiovisual Professional Training Centre of Ekounou (Yaounde-Cameroon).

- In October 2007, he was in Senegal for the 2007 session of the Child and Youth Studies Institute organized by CODESRIA on the theme "African Youth Cultures and the ICT Revolution". He had also attended to several international conferences;

- from October 30 to November 03, 2006, he took part in a workshop organized in Burkina Faso by the Council for the Development of Social Sciences Research in Africa (CODESRIA)

Besides, Francis Fogue received many grants from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA), The Laboratoire d'Etudes et de Recherche sur les Dynamiques Sociales et le Développement (LASDEL),The Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) and the COREDEC. 




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