Francis A. Fogue Kuate

 Francis Arsene FOGUE KUATE holds a PhD degree awarded by the University of Utrecht (The Netherlands). He is Lecturer at the University of Buea (Cameroon) and member of the Cameroon History Society. Besides, he is Scientific Coordinator of the COREDEC (Community Research and Development Centre) where he contributes to the training of American students of the School for International Training (SIT). His research profile includes among others: Media history, Media and Politics, Media and Religion, Identities and Christian-Muslim interactions. His M.A. dissertation was related to the socio-cultural effects of Christian's media in the Adamaoua province (Northern Cameroon). The PhD thesis he defended dealt with the role of Media in the coexistence between Muslims and Christians in Northern Cameroon: from the French colonial period to the beginning of the 21st Century.

Furthermore, he participated in many international conferences, Seminars and Workshops and has authored several scientific papers.






Major Academic Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Visits and Collaborations


2022: "Missionary Media: Politics and the Competing Mediatization of Islam and Christianity in Postcolonial Northern Cameroon". Paper presented (visioconference) during the MiMoRA#3 Workshop on "Christian-Muslim Missionary Interactions: Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries", Leuven, Belgium, 30 May-3June 2022.



2022: "Social Media, Evangelism and Proselytism in Buea, Cameroon", Paper co-presented (with Solanch N. Ndokuo) during he Cameroon Postgraduate History Conference (CPHC), 1-2 April 2022. 



2022: "From the Cameroon Post to The Post: Analyzing Media Discourse on the Anglophone Problem, 1990-2016". Paper co-presented (with Graham A. Nembo) during The Cameroon Postgraduate History Conference (CPHC), 1-2 April 2022.



2021: "From Antagonism to Mediation: Re-Thinking Media and Proselythism in Ngaoundere and Buea". Paper co-presented (with Solanch N. Ndokuo) during the First International Conference on Cameroonian Studies: Theorizing Cameroon in the 21st Century; Organized by the Faculty of Arts, University of Buea-Cameroon, 30-31 July 2021.


2021: Main Speaker during the 5th session of the Seminars organized by the African Worlds Institute (IMAF)-Paris, on "Radio and Television in the Africas". Topic presented : "Radio Broadcasting in Postcolonial Cameroon: Political and Religion Issues". Seminar  Moderated by Florence Brisset-Foucault via Zoom (8th February 2021).


2019: "Media and Islamic Modernity at the Eastern Borders of West Africa: The Northern Cameroon". Paper presented in the International Colloquium: " From Senegal to Nigeria: The Modernity of Islam in West Africa (Practices, Influences and Trajectories)", co-organized by Liebniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient (ZMO-Berlin) and LASDEL (Niger), Niamey, 18-23 November 2019.


2018: Speaker during the Methodology Seminar of the Department of History, University of Buea. Paper presented on the Chapter Balance in scientific/academic writings.



2017: Main speaker with Tomas Sundnes Drønen (University of Stavenger-Norway) and Gilbert L. Taguem Fah (University of Ngaoundere-Cameroon) in a seminar on “Muslim and Christians encounter in  Northern  Cameroon”, organized by the Faculty of Humanities, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands.


2016: “Faith Based Media and Cultural Competition between Fulbe and Haabe in Northern Cameroon: a case study of Sawtu Linjiila”. Paper presented during the Summer School on “Christians and  Muslims in Africa: Towards a framework for the Study of Multi-Religious Settings”, Zentrum Moderner Orient  (ZMO), Berlin, Germany, 14-20th July 2016.


2016: Participation in a seminar organized by the Department of History, University of Buea on: « Advanced Nonviolent Conflict Education and Peace Activism in African Democracies ». Seminar Co-organized with the International Centre for Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC-USA) and the International Governance Institute-Focal Integrity Team for Cameroon, Buea, (Cameroon), 28th October 2016.


2016: Participation in the Seminar on “Literature and Interdisciplinarity”, Buea, Cameroon, 5th February 2016.


2015: Visiting Research Fellow, Zentrum Moderner Orient (ZMO), Berlin, Germany, August-September 2015.


2015: “Anti-government songs in Cameroon: A political Economy of Music since the beginning of the democratization process in 1990”. Paper selected for the International Conference on “Songs of Social Protest”. University of Limerick, Ireland, April 29 - May 1, 2015.


2014: “From Broadcasting to Internet: A political Economy of Old and New Media in Postcolonial    Cameroon”. 13th International Conference of Africanists on “Society and Politics in Africa: Traditional, Transitional and New”. Moscow, Russia, May 27-30, 2014.


2014: “Les Archives Radiophoniques au Nord-Cameroun: Etat des lieux, Analyse d’une Ségrégation historique et Perspective d’avenir”. Presented at the First congress of Cameroon History Society, University of Maroua, Cameroon, February 27-March 2, 2014.


2012: “Anti-government popular protest in post independent Cameroon: A political Economy of the ‘Ghost Town’ and the 2008 riots’. Selected for the International Conference on “‘Post-post’independence?African political thought, contemporary protest and the International”. Queen Mary, University of London,  United-Kingdom, July 19-20, 2012.


2012: “Enjeux et défis de l’exploitation des archives radiophoniques dans la recherche en sciences sociales au Nord-Cameroun”. Presented at the International Conference on “Archives of the Post-Independence Africa and its Diaspora” co-organized by Codesria, the African Studies Center (Leiden) and the University of California Santa Barbara, USA, Dakar (Senegal), June 20-22, 2012.


2012: “Les mutations socioculturelles et économiques induites par le téléphone portable chez les jeunes des villes et des campagnes au Cameroun ». Paper selected for the 4th colloquium of students and young researchers organized by GIERSA and the University of Laval, Canada, 2012.


2011: “La FM Benoue de Garoua: un exemple d’instrumentalisation des radios privées par un pouvoir traditionnel en voie de modernisation au Cameroun”. Presented at Media Entrepreneurship and Public Communication in Africa. Workshop organized by GOETHE UNIVERSITAT, Laboratoire Point Sud and the DFG, Bamako, Mali, January 4-9, 2011.


2010: Participation in TRANSFER Training program organized by the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (Central and Eastern Regions) on The management of online Writing and Publication, Bucharest (Romania), July 26-30 2010.


2010: Visiting Research Fellow, Faculty of Political Science, University of Bucharest, Romania, July-September 2010.


2009: “Media, Espace public et Fédéralisme en Afrique: construire les Etats-Unis d’Afrique par le bas”. Presented at the International Symposium on The Creation of the United States of Africa, Dakar, Senegal, June 15-18, 2009.


2009: “Images et symboles culturels dans les stratégies de communication politique des hommes de   pouvoir en Afrique postcoloniale”. International Doctoral Student Conference - Centre for Cultural History in Contemporary Societies, Université Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, France, 13-14 May 2009.


2008: Participant in an International Workshop on Methodology of field research work organized by the Laboratoire d’Études et Recherches sur les Dynamiques Sociales et le Développement Local, Niamey, Niger, October 10-21, 2008.


2008: Participation as invited Junior Scientist, in the Humboldt Kolleg Kamerun Conference on “E-Learning, Research-Development in Cameroon: Challenges and Perspectives”, Yaounde, Cameroon. July 29-30.


2008: “Evangelization through media in Muslim communities: A case study of Sawtu Linjiila in Northern Cameroon from 1960 to 2003”. Presented at the International Conference on “New Media and Religious Transformations in Africa”, Abuja, Nigeria, July 10-12, 2008.


2008: “The Social Impact of ICTs on Youth Living in less Developed Countries: A Case Study of the Mobile Phone in Cameroonian Rural Areas” Paper selected for The International Conference on Technology, Knowledge and Society, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, January 18-20, 2008.


2007: “The Contribution of Technical Centres to the Development of Media Arts in Africa: A case study of the  Audiovisual Professional Training Centre of Ekounou (Yaounde-Cameroon)”. Poster displayed at the Participation The Second International Conference on “Media art, sciences and technology”, organized  by Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH in cooperation with Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt, Berlin, Germany, November 15-18, 2007.


2007: “Stratégies d’appropriation et influence du téléphone portable sur les relations intragénérationnelles et  intergénérationelles dans la ville de N’Gaoundéré (Cameroun)” CODESRIA. Child and Youth Institute on “African Youth Cultures and the ICT Revolution”, Dakar, Senegal, October 1-26, 2007.


2006: Participant in the first International Scientific Writing Workshop organized by CODESRIA, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, October 30 to November 06, 2006.



Scientific Publications



2022: Fogue Kuate, Francis A, "Trajectoires radiophoniques de la modernité islamique au Nord-Cameroun (1958-2010). In  ZMO-STUDIEN 42,  Islam and Muslim Life in West Africa. Practices, Trajectories and Influences. edited by Abdoulaye Sounaye and André Chapatte, 83-103, Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter, 2022.


2022: Fogue Kuate, Francis A. ' ’Intellectualizing the Anglophone Problem: an Endoscopy of Cameroonian Scholars’ Writings about Anglophone Identity, Reunification and Anglophone Nationalism’'. African Humanities 7 (2022): 21-51.



2021: Fogue Kuate, Francis A." Médias et Crises politiques au Cameroun: 1948-1984". African Humanities 6 (2021): 15-39.


2021: Fogue Kuate, Francis A. "Sources Radiophoniques et Historiographie au Nord-Cameroun". Méthod(e)s: African Review of Social Science Méthodology 1(2021): 153-171.


2020: Fogue Kuate, Francis A., "Les Pionniers locaux de l’animation radio au Nord-Cameroun: Entre Subalternité et Mobilité sociale", African Humanities 5, (December 2020): 26-52.


2020: Fogue Kuate, Francis A.,  "Crossing the Frontier to Survive: Mainstream Churches and the ’Pentecost’ in Buea-Cameroon", African Humanities 5 (December 2020):135-159 (Co-published with Solanch. N. Ndokuo).


2020: Fogue Kuate, Francis A., "Les voies téléphoniques de l’émancipation des jeunes femmes en milieux musulman et chrétien au Cameroun", Réseaux 222(4): 113-138.


2018:  Fogue Kuate, Francis A., “When Economic Intelligence is Struggling in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA): The Use and Appropriation of Information Systems in Cameroon’s Economy”, African Humanities 4, (December 2018): 92-109.


2017:  Francis A. Fogue Kuate. « Faith Based Media and Cultural Competition in Northern Cameroon Sawtu Linjiila, Fulbe Imperialism and the Haabe’s Quest for Self Esteem ». African Humanities 2&3, (September 2017): 229-246 (Co-published with Taguem Fah Gilbert).


2016: Fogue Kuate, Francis A. « Medias, Soft Power et néocolonialisme français en Afrique subsaharienne ». In Médias français et fibre patriotique : La cible africaine, edited by Augustin E. Ebongue, Dieudonné Nbena, and Edouard Mokwe, 301-326. Muenchen: Lincom GmbH, 2016.


2015: Fogue Kuate, Francis A. « Economie politique de la presse écrite au Nord-Cameroun Postcolonial ». Studia Politica, Romanian Political Science Review 15, n°2 (2015): 265-287.


2013: Fogue Kuate, Francis A., « Analyse historique de la presse satirique francophone au Cameroun de la période coloniale au début du XXème siècle ». Ridiculosa, Special Issue - La presse satirique dans le monde, edited by Jean-Claude Gardes, and Angelica Schober, hors-série, (2013) : 407-429. Brest : HCTI/EIRIS, ISSN 1274-6711 (Co-published with Christelle Amina Djoulde).



2011:  Fogue Kuate, Francis A. « La liberté d’expression : une quête permanente en Afrique noire francophone », Postface of the book : Agognon G., W., and E., P., Eyébiyi, A l’épreuve de la liberté de la presse : Les dilemmes de la presse écrite au Bénin. 171-174. Paris : Les Editions Ibidun. 2011, pp. ISBN 979-10-90131-02-6.


2011: Fogue Kuate, Francis A. Review of L’Afrique de Sarkozy : un déni d’histoire » (Sarkozy's Africa:Denying History), by Jean-Pierre Chrétien (ed). Dynamiques internationales, n°4 (May 2011), ISSN 2105-2646,


2011: Fogue Kuate, Francis A, Review of L’Afrique de Sarkozy : un déni d’histoire, by Jean-Pierre Chrétien (ed). Dynamiques internationales, n°4 (May 2011), ISSN 2105-2646, http://dynamiques- DI4-FogueCompte-rendu-de-lecture.pdf


2010: Fogue Kuate, Francis A. Review of Connaître les médias d’Afrique Subsaharienne : Problématiques, sources et ressources, by Annie Lenoble-Bart and André-Jean, Tudesq. African Humanities 1 (2010) : 227-229. ISSN 2071-1212.



Publications and Interviews in Non-academic Journals


Fogue Kuate, Francis A« Canal d’Or 2019 : Entre culture, politique et consécration du mérite anglophone », Mutations, N°4818 du 20 mars 2019, p.10.


Fogue Kuate Francis A.,« Cameroun : Médias et vivre ensemble. Quelques éléments d’analyse », Mutations, N°4807 du 05 mars 2019, p.10.


Fogue Kuate Francis A.“Cameroun : Aperçu historique de la liberté de la presse. Comment le pays s’est progressivement arrimé à ce critère de démocratie”. Mutations, May 08, 2014, p.15.


Fogue Kuate, Francis A. “Cameroun: Décentralisation politique et décentralisation radiophonique : La situation de la radiodiffusion de service public dans la partie septentrionale du Cameroun avant  l'inauguration de l'émetteur de la BBC à Garoua”.  Le Messager, June 16, 2008, p. 9. Available online:


Fogue Kuate, Francis A. “ Les Médias au Cameroun : le grand Nord a toujours traîné le pas”. Interview with Georges Alain Boyomo. Le Messager, June 23, 2008, p.5.



Grants and Scholarships


Francis Fogue received many grants from: The University of Utrecht (The Netherlands); the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA), The Laboratoire d'Etudes et de Recherche sur les Dynamiques Sociales et le Développement (LASDEL),The Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) and the COREDEC.



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